Jiangsu Jueyan Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Tunneling Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Changzhou, a well-known and economically-developed city in the Yangtze River Delta with advanced economy and advanced technology. With strong technical force and advanced production technology, the company has a scientific research team with decades of experience in the non-excavation industry. The current product line has a series, multi-function and miniaturization. Decades of industry precipitation, hundreds of cases have accumulated, and the first composite pipe jacking machine in China has been developed. Products have been exported to several countries and regions. Won the full affirmation of customers with superior quality and efficient construction.

The company′s products cover a diameter of 400mm-4000mm and are suitable for small soil water balance pipe jacking machines of various soil quality; Large mud water and soil pressure double balance pipe jacking machines; Rock pipe jacking machine series.

Solemn promise: The whole machine is guaranteed for 12 months except for wearing parts.

Rock excavation heavy workers, welcome your call, guidance to the factory, to discuss cooperation.
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