Drilling Rig

Broca PARA Martillo De Fondo DHD 340

Changsha Chaojingang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Certification:ISO 9001:2000
  • Transport Package:Ply-Wooden Cases for Exporting
  • Specification:2 Inch to 12 Inch
  • Trademark:Super Diamond
  • Origin:China

Base Info

  • HS Code:8207199000
  • Production Capacity:10000


Basic Info.

HS Code 8207199000 Production Capacity 10000

Product Description

5.5" R.C. DTH Hammers PR52
Broca PARA Martillo De Fondo DHD 340

R.C.Drilling, referred to as " Centre Sample Recovery" or " Dual Wall Drilling",employs a Dual Wall Pipe where the drilling medium, normally high pressure air,is passed between the outer and inner tubes down to the face of drilling bit where it is returned up the centre tube along with the sample cut by the drill bit. 

1. No contamination
    The R.C. System collects sample through the recovery holes in the face of the drill bit immediately as the cuttings or sample is formed.The drilled sample does not have to travel the length of the harmmer where contamination and loss of sample takes place.

2. Higher Production
    In broken and fractured ground conditions, the R.C.will often out perform the conventional hammer in terms of penetration rates.

3.Dry Sample
   Even in certain water bearing stratas it is still possible to collect a dry sample because the cutting (sample) are collected as they are formed throught the face of the drill bit.

4.Higher Sample Recovery
   Because the sample is collected through the face of the drill bit there is no loss of sample when drilling through broken or fractured ground. And since the bit matched to the chuck size, there is very little by pass of sample and recovery rates of up to 98% are generally achievable.

Products specifications: Broca PARA Martillo De Fondo DHD 340